I'll Find You🎶

I'll Find You is a song by Christian rapper, Lecrae, and singer-songwriter Tori Kelly. This is an inspirational song inspired by people battling cancer, who were very close to Lecrae. He even explained the inspiration behind the song on Instagram as posted below:

"Life is a precious gift. A gift we often take for granted until it is threatened. Pain can be a haunting reminder to appreciate every waking moment. So we wrote a song to share our hope in the midst of that pain. At the time of this song's composition, some of our loved ones were battling cancer. We wanted to encourage them to hold on and tell them we are here waiting, hoping, praying, and fighting with them. Some have been released from their pain forever, others are still fighting. Hold on."

This song is the epitome of HOPE, and I definitely recommend listening to the song and watching the music video provided above. 

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