Hats of Hope: Giselle Maurice

                                                                 About me

Hi, my name is Giselle Maurice and I am the founder of this non-profit organization called Hats of Hope. The purpose of this organization is not only to raise awareness for childhood cancer, but to also spread love and hope by way of my hand crocheted hats. These hats are donated to hospitals caring for children ranging from birth to age 18 battling cancer. I am a firm believer that small acts of kindness are capable of bringing joy and hope to people's lives despite whatever battles they may be facing in life. The idea to create this non-profit organization came into fruition at the young age of 8, and officially took off and blossomed at age 12 (2021). I am truly blessed and happy to profess that with the help of God and my family, my dreams turned into a reality. A portion of the donations will be utilized for the purchase of supplies (yarn, needles, boxes, labels, cards, etc.), and a portion of the profit will also be donated annually to the cancer charity that receives the most votes by December (refer to the Hope For Christmas section for more information).  Prayers are encouraged and gladly welcomed for the uplifting and growth of the organization. Thank you for playing an instrumental role in Hats of Hope by simply taking the time out to visit my website; it truly means a lot to me and the patients that this organization will bless.

If you would like to provide this non-profit organization with monetary donations, the link to my GoFundMe page is as follows:


Your prayers and monetary assistance are all greatly appreciated!




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